Welcome to Between Love and Salvation, a deeply character-driven role-play that is meant to be played out quite like real life. At BLS we don’t have a huge, all-encompassing plot; it is our intention to capture the true essence of individuals with an unscripted plot; simply people being people.


Location: Charlottesville, VA
Date: Spring, 2011
Weather: Hello, spring. Finally, the snow has come to and end and in its wake has left us with higher temperatures and quite a bit of rain. Make sure to pack an umbrella in your car, but when the sun is shining, the days are gorgeous, highs in the low 80s.


May 26th - Alright guys, check out this link to see what's happening here. BLS is no longer accepting new registrations and you must log in to see the boards, sorry!



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Art theft is a crime. Our art is our words. Please -- don't steal the words from our mouths or the characters from our heads.


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Sorry guys, but we found some of our former members stealing our stuff-- :(
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